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 Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job

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MessageSujet: Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job   Jeu 26 Jan - 23:44

Q: To think that the new job would be "Corsair"...
A: We were thinking of adding a Gambler job, but being a gambler has a bad connotation overseas so we decided on the Corsair. Its appearance is that of a pirate, but at the core are gambler-like elements.

Q: The pistol is its main weapon?
A: It's a gun that can support and strengthen the party, not a high-damage weapon like the ones Rangers use.

Q: It's not an attacker?!
A: The job's concept is focused on support and buffing.

Q: Will the gambling techniques also be support-based?
A: That's also the case. It's a gamble, though, so depending on the user you might end up saying "That Corsair has terrible luck!"

Q: Are there any other new jobs?
A: I wonder... (laugh)

Q: Will there be any new areas included besides Aht Urhgan?
A: There will.

Q: Is the Far Eastern country Aht Urhgan is at war with Hingashi?
A: I'll leave that up to your imagination.

Q: The Imperial capital, Arzavi, looks large.
A: Aht Urhgan will resemble Jeuno. There will be an auction house, rent-a-rooms, and guards. We'd also like to add chocobos.

Q: Will monsters appear in the public sector?
A: Look forward to it.

Q: Can you board ships in the fringe sector's port?
A: You will be able to come and go through that port. As for where it leads, as a hint it will be somewhere you can go even without owning Zilart or Promathia.

The Imperial capital, Arzavi:
Imperial Sector -- Nobles and aristocrats reside here. There are a lot of Elvaan. At first, players will not be able to enter it.
Fringe Sector -- All kinds of races can be found here. Merchants and craftsmen flourish.
Public Sector -- There are a lot of Humes. Residents without citizenship and destitute members of the old empire live here. Exposed to the threat of the beastmen.

Q: Will there be a large version update to coincide with Aht Urhgan?
A: There will need to be a version update for items and such relating to the new jobs even for those without Aht Urhgan. The system changes that effect the entire game will take place on that day.

Q: How is the XBOX360 server?
A: There are already level 50's. The Japanese players were originally existing users who transferred over or re-instated their accounts. We're aiming for new users with the U.S. and particularly Europe.

Q: What will you do for the NA event in March?
A: It will last for two days. We will be distributing items you cannot normally obtain in-game. We are looking into a separate event aimed at Japanese users.

Q: What's the general concept behind ToA?
A: The main idea is to increase areas you can play high level jobs in. Not only areas, but also new gameplay ideas like Dynamis and Limbus. For low level people there are a few new jobs prepared

Q: "Treasure" in "ToA" is an item?
A: You'll find out by playing.

Q: Can it be played without Zilart or CoP?
A: It's made to be, but I'd imagine it would be more fun with the others.

Q: Are Geomancer and Sage new jobs?
A: I wonder.. (w)

Q: Do you need ToA to play the new jobs? SMN was playable without Zilart.
A: We're considering it.

Q: How does Blue Mage learn magic?
A: Secret. Just keep in mind that it's a job with MP.

Q: New abilities are acquired in new areas?
A: New abilities are unlocked with merit points.

Q: Can you go to new areas immediately? Even as a low level?
A: There will be requirements to going to new areas. They are geared at high level jobs. Xbox360 users and newbies should have fun with getting the new jobs.

Q: How many new areas will there be?
A: Compared to Zilart and CoP there aren't as many. But that's not to say the amount is exceeded by other expansion discs.

Q: Are the areas outside of conquest influence?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be gimmicks like the cliff sliding in Uleguerand?
A: CoP had a lot of tricks to hinder the player, but I'm thinking it would be good if we added some to ToA that would actually give some kind of advantage (in using them)

Q: Are there level capped areas such as in CoP?
A: I can't say there aren't. But, we are thinking in the direction of not limiting the player.

Q: Will there be limitations other than level caps?
A: You might see some new ones like the "no subjob" cap in the new Dynamis areas.

Q: There's a new area that looks like Windurst. Is it related?
A: No.

Q: (of captives) Can players also be captured (by pirates)?
A: We plan for the setting to be reflected in the game. Players becoming prisoners sounds interesting, but also kinda scary. (w)

Q: Will there be expediary force missions in ToA?
A: We will be adding a totally new conquest battle system to CoP that will be difference from the current conquest system. A hint is in the currently released public images of ToA.

Q: What's the relationship between the new and the old beastmen?
A: There's a hint in the scenery of what we've currently exposed of ToA.

Q: Is Mamuuja's(sp?) pet cockatrice rideable by players?
A: No.

Q: It seems like there are a lot of enemies that are just old ones with new colors. How many new ones are there?
A: Secret. We will add as many as we can.

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MessageSujet: Re: Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job   Ven 27 Jan - 19:20

j etais au courant ca a l ere sympa mais ca serait bien que zack s inscrive sur le forum et ns le post lui meme lol dwarf

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MessageSujet: Re: Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job   Ven 27 Jan - 20:51


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MessageSujet: Re: Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job   

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Zack m'a envoyé ca ! la nouvelle job
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